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"Working with the Live Connect APIs, both for authentication and OneDrive file sharing, was a true delight. At Xobni, we’ve worked with dozens of service APIs and Live Connect has truly been one of the easiest, most straightforward, well-documented, and reliable services we’ve encountered. The friendly, responsive support has been much appreciated as well."

- Josh Jacobson, Senior Director of Product Management, Xobni Corp

OneDrive Gadget for Xobni


The Xobni for Outlook sidebar organizes your Outlook inbox and address book, making it easy to search and discover all your contacts - even those who aren't in your address book. The sidebar provides a full view of each contact, complete with their photo, job title, company details, and email history — as well as updates from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

How Live Connect enriched their experience

Xobni created the OneDrive Gadget for Xobni that plugs into their Outlook sidebar. By bringing OneDrive into Outlook, you can easily share large files without worrying about email file size limitations.

The OneDrive gadget for Xobni allows you to access your OneDrive files from Outlook, so you can easily send them to others. Simply find the file in your OneDrive account that you want to share, and with a single click you can either copy the link to your clipboard or open a new mail with that link already included.

APIs used

The APIs that Xobni used to create this gadget were the REST APIs to get links to files and folders on OneDrive, as well as OAuth 2.0 for sign in.